Startups are poor at employee marketing

I recently finished — what I call — my interview season. I read many company profiles and interviewed with roughly a dozen + companies over the last few months.

I am transitioning out of my current large semi-conductor company to a bite sized cookie.

One major issue I saw was these startup’s websites are oriented towards investors, not potential candidates. The front page focuses on how they will revolutionize technology and have ex-”FAT MANGS” company. As an individual contributor, I am looking forward to difficult and interesting problems, where I can be a “full-stack” engineer with a high level of autonomy. However, these freedoms don’t come from these “FAT MANGS” companies, and don’t really hold any weight for me. Secondly, The “FAT MANGS” individuals generally exist for the upper management of the startup orgs, and aren’t necessarily a “good” thing. The resources these upper managers may have had at the larger organizations, won’t exist in these fresh out of the oven cookies.

What would I want to see?

I want to see the founders of my company be either serial entrepreneurs or my mom starting from scratch at a local girl scout cookie business. I want to see the underlying product and if it has a foothold in the industry already. I want to see how long employees have been at the company and how many have left (and why?).

As a core part of the new team, I need time to meet the individuals on the team and decide if I should jump off my carnival cruise for a raft edging towards a waterfall.

Phd Dropout. Robotics Engineer.