Late Night with An Anon Tech Investor

A self proclaimed tech investor behind an anonymous handle told me the following before blocking me on Twitter yesterday. I found it interesting for how quickly it devolved into a sexist writing off.

I found it interesting how he seems to think that there is something insulting about the wife being the primary breadwinner in a household.

I have no idea who he is in real life although his tweet makes me think he is within 1 degree of separation. Now he might be a sexist douche bag but equally likely he might be a loving dad, supportive husband. Perhaps he doesn’t even believe in what he said above. But clearly, he finds it to be an effective tool in his toolbox to attack those opposing him.

It is a sad little reminder of how sexism will be used to attack anyone asking uncomfortable questions. And why men have to be an active ally in Feminism.

Disclaimer: The screenshot is partial. The thread started off as a political argument. You can find it in its entirety on the anon handle’s TL. I was struck by the direction it took. So wanted to record it here.

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