An elegy to Rama

Today we celebrate the birthday one of the two greatest heroes in Hindu myth.

A wonderful lover who won the heart of his woman by valour.

And lost it all for misplaced honour.

A brave warrior who crossed oceans to fight an enemy on his own ground.

And yet killed another brave warrior, who was engaged in combat with a treacherous arrow.

A man of revolutionary ethics who took only one wife in an era where multiple wives and concubines was the norm.

And yet stood by while his brother mutilated a helpless woman.

An open minded king who took on even a boatman as his own brother.

And yet beheaded the shudra Shambuka for performing penance.

A man who came to earth with the noble mission of showing us the path to being a Maryada Purushottam, the perfect man.

A man who came to earth and showed that there is no such thing as a perfect man.

Today we celebrate the birthday one of the two greatest tragic heroes in Hindu myth.

May his soul rest in peace at the bottom of the Sarayu.

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