Why should we focus on User Experience?

Types of UX and A world without UXD | GIFs and Cartoons

This is our Chair.

Let’s take a chair, and sit down.

Let’s think now:

  1. What is the function of the chair?
    Providing an elevated place to sit.
  2. But a stool does it too, what does it have extra?
    A backrest.

Now the backrest an added functionality to a stool to provide better User Experience.

There, we have our first type of UX, an added functionality.

Let’s look further:

What all does this chair have?
a. Legs to support the structure and give height.
b. Seat to sit.
c. Backrest to lean on.

Let’s start removing items from the chair, one by one.

  1. Remove one leg
    Welcome to uncomfortable wobbly chair.
  2. Remove another
    Depending on which one you took out, you’ll be experiencing weebly-wobbly stuff
Doctor Who is here to explain how you’ll feel.

3. Remove one more please.

Dramatic BAMM noise!
So we see our next type of UX is a repeating type, which provides best experience together. And If we remove this, the system falls down.

Now, since our chair is broken, let’s go out and buy a new one.

This is our chair shop. A high end store that only sells few models.

Which one should we choose?

What all do we check before buying the chair?

  1. Looks at the first sight.
    Is the color good?
    Is the floral design necessary?
    Will the chair’s size fit properly in our room?
    Will it go along with our older furniture?
  2. Material of the wood/plastic/metal used.
    Will it hold my weight?
    Can I lift it easily?
    How durable is it?
  3. Comfort after sitting on them.
    Is the seat soft?
    Is the backrest and armrest comfy?
  4. Cost.
    What is the cost?
    What is the maintenance cost?

Let’s map our questions with used UX Design practices:

a. Is the color good?

Good use of colors in an app. Make sure you follow the Color theory principles.

b. Is the floral design necessary?

Remove unnecessary extra decor. Keep it simple, silly.

c. Will the chair’s size fit properly in our room?

Keep the size of items in control.

d. Will it go along with our older furniture?

Keep it familiar to existing apps in the market.

e. Will it hold my weight?

This belongs to the backend, the system should hold multiple users, and heavy usage as well.

f. Can I lift it easily?

Depends upon both frontend and backend, can the user easily install the app?

g. How durable is it?

The app should not hang. It is one of the worst experience users have.

h. Is the seat soft?

The app should not cause any strain to any body part.

i. Is the backrest and armrest comfy?

If the app involves strain to some body part, the design must provide some relief. For example, night-mode of 9GAG mobile app.

j. What is the cost?

The buying cost should be in par with the market, and value of the app.

k. What is the maintenance cost?

One must avoid too many in-app purchases. Some are fine, too many should be avoided.

And do keep in mind, you can always have another way, but you have to be responsible and always keep ‘User Experience’ in mind.

So, I bought this chair. Mainly because I always wanted this.

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Happy learning! All the best!