Abha shree


To her silenced screams,

To her muffled sobs

Sound of her crumbled,

falling dreams


At her,

with grit embracing

The turmoil she’s feeling

The chaos,

she’s facing


Her emotions refusing to flow

Her cries disguised neatly

In a perfect story,

a flawless show


With delicacy

Her wounds gracefully sealed

Visited, meddled with, by many

But seldom healed



Short poem.

Photo by Jack B on Unsplash

waves of tears

drenching my crooked bones

roll down this rusted skin

and go in vain

guess i fell too deep

crashing down

the memory lane.

i settle at last

with my head unstable,

choking on the fumes

of my senses burning

the mere thought of you

kills me,

yet it is my soul’s,

sole yearning.

then finally

them waves stop rumbling

the chaos is silenced,

now numbed with pain.

i’ve emptied the ocean of my eyes

crying gentle rhymes

about you