Dedicated Server For Your Business Excellence

A dedicated server is one that’s fully reserved for an individual client; however, the client may host either single or multiple websites of his own. That single server in the network is dedicated to serve the needs of all websites hosted on it only. Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers don’t share their resources or services with other clients. A server can be a computer that acts as a server and performs other functions as well.

In other words, a dedicated server is basically a space rented out by a web hosting services provider, called Web host, to a client. The web host fulfills every needs required for uninterrupted running of the server.

The Pertinent Advantages of a Dedicated Server are:

· As you are the only client whose website(s) is/are hosted on the server, you have the maximum control over the web server.

You have luxury to choose the exact hardware/software specification as per your requirements.

The Disadvantages Attached to Dedicated Servers:

· Since you are the sole owner of the server and you enjoy entire resources, you bear huge expense.

· You need to be tech savvy as you’re responsible for managing and configuring the dedicated server.

Types of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is typically of two types: Managed and Unman-aged or Self-managed dedicated server.

Managed Dedicated Server: In managed dedicated server environment, the client gives data that needs to be stored in the server, and the service provider takes the onus to manage other things that include-deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Besides, the service provider or the host performs other tasks, such as — account management, backups, fixing up technical glitches if it occurs. This hoisting type is suitable for mid and large scale businesses.

Although, it’s little expensive than unmanaged dedicated server hosting, but gives you a complete-peace-of-mind.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting: You will be responsible for managing, operating and troubleshooting technical problems under unmanaged hosting environment. While your hosting service provider shall only provide storage space, bandwidth, physical security, and essential arrangements required for incessant running of your server.

Therefore, if you choose to unmanaged dedicated server hosting make sure you are capable enough to perform all aforementioned tasks, otherwise it would prove to be a strenuous deal.

Do you Really Require Dedicated Server Plans?

Unquestionably, dedicated server hosting has umpteen benefits over other hosting models like — shared or VPS, but it’s an expensive proposition. So make sure you really need it. Generally a dedicated server hosting is required for:

· Website having huge traffic that need high bandwidth

· Businesses with speculation to surge in near future

· Websites that need frequent changes

· Businesses for those budget is not an issue

· Websites where banking transactions performed

The Final Words

As everything is crystal clear now, decision is up to you as to what your business requires. It is also clear that a managed dedicated server hosting are very expensive, but the other side of this hosting type is pretty alluring as it offers plethora of features needed to excel hosting experience. Choice is yours!