About Design: GOOD or BAD

Here’s a new day of a beautiful journey, I just started learning something new, I am writing this in the morning and I’m ecstatic.
So a few months ago, I came across the design and I felt this profession does not make me feel like this is something burden
because I love to solve the problem and explore new colours and design with my own creativity. Though it is a vast field let me
give you a sneak peek of what I have learnt in design so far

What is Design?

I would say, design is a process of solving the problem and add value to human life by visual or physical product/form along with good aesthetics and intuitive interaction. The primary aim of the design is to full fill the requirements and enhance the humans’ experience with the product.
We might never address that but the design is everywhere we take sight. From the ancient period to the present it existed and evolved with the human development from stone age tools design to app design,
sounds shocking?

We all interact with these products in day to day life some might be our favourite and some might be a pain in the head, I started to research this topic and I found something from this link that gives me a perfect balance of what is design
These are the 10 principles of good and bad design by Dieter Rams
____ https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/article/dieter-rams-10-timeless-commandments-for-good-design __ you can check out this link to know those 10 principles.

After knowing the design and exploring this all. I have started noticing designs everywhere and observing them. I was unable to ignore the things around me. So I want to share some of my observations with you guys!!
Here’s I’d make a list of good designs and bad designs based on my learning and research:

BAD Design

1. Apple Music

Apple products are amazing no doubt but We all love to listen to music and we often listen to our favourite song on a loop but in apple music, can you find the option to do that? I struggled to find that option so I searched it on youtube and it was a problem a lot of people were facing.
So I would say this is a bad design and a little hard to understand.

2. Perfume Bottle

Can you guess what thing is this?? I was also confused when I first saw it. I’d thought it is just a showpiece but this is a perfume bottle
so conclusion this product is hard to understand, have bad interaction and as Dieter Rams said (Good design is thorough down to the last detail) not full filling that too!

3. Boat Neckband

They mention on the box and advertisement that charge it for 10 min charging = 10 hours playtime which is not true I have 2 boat neckbands of the same model I tested that on both. Design is not honest at all.

4. Meesho Website

They have developed the website desktop friendly but you can’t place an order from the desktop. Design is not useful.

5. Cylinder Weighing Tool

This tool is used to check the weights of the LPG cylinder but the worst thing about it is you can manipulate the settings by the nob on the top and when you lift the cylinder with this your hands gonna hurt.
It has a bad interaction

GOOD Design

1. Adobe Scan

This app is revolutionary I would say we used to use a separate machine to scan the documents but Adobe scan makes it possible through just your smartphone. It solved the problem of People.

2. Lift Switches

It remindsme dieter rams designs. They are very precise, understandable and aesthetic with minimal design.

3. Clay Matka/Pot

I don’t think I need to explain this but it has been used for centuries to keep water cool and pure. Useful product with an exquisite design.

4. Measure App

This is the digital measuring tool now you can measure inches and centimetres with your phone. Innovative and simple design.

5. Colin Bottle

I find this a good design because when I saw the bottle I easily understand how to hold it and how to use it It was easy to interact with.

This is something that I have learnt and I am willing to learn more. This is my opinion on design. Design is everywhere, we are surrounded by design.

If you read it till here I appreciate you all!!

Thank You



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