Solution to Assignment: Segmenting the Market

We are working in the healthcare segment with an aim to make Doctor — Patient interaction more open and connected, and bring upon standardization in the healthcare experience. Considering that in to account if i have to talk about my target segment based on different parameters than following set of users would be my typical customer base:

  1. Geography: User from Metros would be our target audience in the initial phase of launch. Given the long distances and busy work schedule people find it difficult to visit a doctor, which further leads to self medication, thus exposing people to severe health risk.
  2. Demographics: a) Age: 21–35 years

Being a mobile driven platform, we would find our early adopters in this age group as they are more tech driven

b) Gender : Women (Major focus)

Women find it difficult to discuss personal health issues with doctors face to face. But with an option of being anonymous, women would find it easy to open up.

3. Psychographic: People who want to remain anonymous while discussing certain personal issues with doctors.

4. Behaviour:

i) Consultation charges pattern users are paying(Low / Medium / High)

ii) Which specialty users are going after most.

iii) Which time of the day we are having the maximum traffic

iv) People who are asking free question, how many of them are going for paid consultation.