Corporate Photo Booth

We had a great week-end last month at the London Pet Show at Earls Court :-

Here we operated a corporate photo booth for Fluval Aquariams and Exo-Terra, who make tanks/accesories for reptiles.

They hired a photobooth for promotional purposes — the booth was branded in their colours, the touchscreen had the corporate logos and all the prints that people took away were branded. It was a great way for the company to get the brand recognition.

We operated a ‘greenscreen’ inside the booth, people were given the choice of a ‘coral reef’ behind them or a ‘jungle’ (they made a selection on the touch-screen) — if they went with the coral reef then the print came out with Fluval branding, if they went for the jungle, then the print had Exo-Terra branding.

There were the usual selection of props and also some water and jungle/animal based props.

Over the course of the 2-days we did well over 600 prints and on the Saturday, especially, the booth was completely ‘mobbed’ — at one point we timed the queue and people were waiting patiently for over 20-minutes to have their 30-seconds in the booth — and of course to get their studio quality prints.

The corporate client was very happy with the promotional aspect of the photo booth, and in fact we are doing another event for them at the end of June.

So, if you are thinking of having a photobooth for a corporate event, whether it is a party or a branding activity, launch party or social event, then give us a call — and remember we are the only UK based photo booth hertfordshire that can actually place your branded artwork ‘inside’ the skin of the booth.

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