Arguably “Platform” is one of the most abused word in software tech space these days. It was not the case few years ago when everyone was either providing a service or a product in this tech world. But, platform is not a new word, in engineering world. Automakers have been in this business for long to build, global products consistently for decades to keep cost minimum and continue innovating. And then, Android and IPhone showed all the individual developers the power of scale possible with a really good developer platform.

With IoT being the buzz for the next decade, as it connects billions of devices to internet (next wave after connecting billions of people online), everyone looks like building a platform. Platform, in essence is very similar to cooking a good recipe/dish, it requires use case, vision and scale to cook one. A small scale operation, may not require any platform to start or can easily be done within the constrained world of any platform. POCs in a maker’s world, are like house cooking experiment that can fail without much of an issue. But, scaling of any POC comes with its own baggage of use cases and issues, that require a vision, that a company eventually calls a “Platform”. Should one invest into this vision of its own or is it possible to use a generic IoT platform and build your own vision.

Using ensemble of platforms to serve multiple products

At Zenatix, when we say that we have IoT based energy efficiency platform, we do not say, it is a platform of one use case. Instead, it is just one product that we are serving currently in our kitchen. But, as we are growing, these platforms, are becoming more like spice boxes and multiple sauces that are product of some other set of spice boxes in our kitchen. Together, with these spice boxes and sauces our chefs can cook various dishes to serve our customers. Our IoT platform is not an independent platform rather is a stack of platforms. This stack is only getting better every month, and we would like to serve our every customer with a right dish that is most satisfying and with max value for money. Ours, is and is not in principle limited to any particular cloud. It, gives us freedom to evolve and, to our customers better value for money

In the IoT world, any new innovation will revolve around bring things online. This in fact opens up the playing field for startups and innovations, till the devices themselves become connected and it becomes a game of big players. In such an IoT world, scaling up require everything, product, operation, service or a solution at scale. Zenatix is providing on such energy efficiency solution at scale, using multiple products that are both dependent or independent.

Zenatix is on mission to give you a very high quality 5 star restaurant gourmet experience, being served at a scale lunch buffet or at a fast food chain. In food business all three consumers of this dish have dissimilar expectations from that dish. So, our in-house chefs are iterating over recipes to prepare same dish at different scale and price points. Price points are not just product of exclusivity, they are also dependent on raw material sourced in preparation. This would then imply that these energy efficiency platforms will have different flavors depending on who the end consumer is. Zenatix, is continuously working towards being such a chef to satisfy diverse needs of its customers.

So next time you want to order a dish from Zenatix, let this be known so we can prepare one as per liking. Our chefs are smart (and are building the right tools to empower themselves with time saving recipes) and can cater to your diverse needs. We really care about what we eventually offer — the early ones will probably need to push us a bit more to ensure that you see value in the outcome you receive. This will also help us tune our tools, processes and chefs to the diversity.