25th May 2017

O! dear dried rose,
I still recall;
How she blushed crimson,
One little dawn of that fall.

You swayed arrogantly,
With proud umpteen;
Between long, snowy crystal;
fingers of the teen.

Dear motionless rose
How freshly do I visualize?
That about to roll pearl,
Over the cheek of the dusky eyed;
How magically you took it into folds
And helped her hide.

Your careless brushing by,
Her left cheek through lip
And deceptively trying to steal some,
Crimson and feel to be hip.

O! Emotionless rose,
Can’t you still recall;
Where is the pearl
And Crimson blush was gone,
Where is that dawn
And where has gone that fall?

I distinctly recall, dear resting rose
That bundle of warmth and love;
Unfurled by her wrapping arm;
Handing you over in my glove,
And you rejoiced pride and charm.

Dear faded and frozen rose,
Move out of these pages of prose.
To fetch some crimson
And add some moist.
To bring her back,
Should we wish to survive.