The Voyage of life

Written by Abhay Raj Mishra

Picture from Abhay Mishraw Photography

The Voyage of life;
Sometimes buoyant,
At times strife.
So far so good,
Its a voyage of life.

Years whittling away,
Dreams a few achieved;
A lot hoped to be 
And a few might not ever be.
Know I, to my dismay;
With the decades whittled away.

Pursuing voyage of life,
Sailing upstream towards destiny;
Often sensed, calls so many,
From sailed past, phases of time, 
And memory lanes sublime.
Asking To navigate through four decade,
That’s now bygone and might have fade.

There lived the youth: enthusiast and sane.
Knew no,
Worry, unfounded fear, or anxiety,
Only dreams, triumphs

Entourage in the lanes of past,
Deeper, as I got drifted,
Nothing much had changed.
On widespread canvas,
Each portrait looked
So fresh, as if just clicked.

Voyage across phases varied,
Sometimes elated, at times worried.
And there dwelled the responsibility,
Looked, still desperate to challenge the ability.

In the voyage of life
By lanes of happiness, folks overjoyed,
Sometimes rejoicings, at times cribbing,
Nooks of surprises and corners of blessing.

Friends, family, kids, and wife;
With the entourage of life
All the time,
Showered blessings divine.
Affection, love and hurt shared,
For each other, it’s been never impaired.
Thank you, folks! Thank you, lord!