I am just perfect to start’ : From “My lessons of life”

Perfection is subjective and changes its meaning and connotation according to paradigms of people decoding, perceiving, and finally issuing their opined verdict to declare something, someone perfect or imperfect. Your significant initiatives may well be taken with both arms by few and may be summarily rejected by rest set of people. You or your performance will be perfect for few and imperfect for rest. Both the verdicts cannot be argued and challenged, as both would have been reached at by being looked through their different colored lenses. That’s why perfection or imperfection is highly subjective. Art lies in, as to how do you balance and cope with multiple reactions towards your initiatives and various sub-tasks contained therein. Thus, one shouldn’t be afraid to fail or being termed imperfect or being criticized.

You are a conscious initiator, and you will have to fight and throw out all the unfounded fears, especially of being discarded and stamped as imperfect. All the negatively charged, or so anticipated certifications that you carry into your mind, either while breeding or pursuing an Idea, which you believe to be “great,” shall only impede your thought process and most likely you are not going to be truly satisfied with the outcome. Thus, besides many other reasons, I can say that failures primarily occur, when your approach, planning, and actions get negatively influenced, and consequently, you start developing “I am not perfect “belief.

The feeling; ‘I am not so perfect’ primarily shall stop you from taking the initiative.Even if, you initiate, it will vitiate all your actions, approaches, plans and you might end up imperfect. “No one is or was perfect” is the required feeling you need to imbibe before you start initiating. One must not deduce that all the due care and all the positive possessions, shall guarantee perfect ending; you might still fail despite all of those. But this kind of imperfection can be improved by introspecting and correcting the lacunas. Improvements, innovations, and research will be helpful in this process of rectification, taking you out of temporary failure syndrome and guiding you towards perfection. “No one is or was perfect” belief, will also assist you in taking the failures and criticism as a part of life. So, you must not be afraid to fail.

On the contrary, failures caused by deep rooted preconceived notion “I am not perfect,” are irreversible in all probabilities. It may have its far-reaching repercussions. And you may develop a procrastination habit too, because you would always be waiting for becoming perfect or less imperfect before you could set out, in pursuit of effectuating your dreams. So never let “I am not perfect” feeling obstruct your initiatives. And don’t be afraid to fail. Failure and success are just two probable outcomes and by products of your efforts and so are the perfection or imperfection.

You are always just and adequately perfect to start, rest of perfection shall follow and will be greatly dependent on the very initial belief “You were always just perfect “which you possessed at the time of initiating. Not to forget, the well-established truth, i.e., ‘No one knows you, better than you do.’

The feeling ‘I am adequately perfect’ is far less contagious than the deep rooted “I am not perfect’ one. The former may boost up your confidence much slower than the latter, because the latter being so contagious will spread faster by many folds and engulf many around, including you.And if allowed to persist, which by its inherent characteristic, it would; it can make you believe I am too imperfect, to be perfect ever? Therefore, in order to keep sticking to your own belief i.e.“I am adequately perfect to start or to continue pursuing “, it is critical that sooner than later, you quit the company of those who either believe that ‘They are not perfect ‘or believe that “You are not perfect” or in any other manner transmit negativity . If somehow quitting is not feasible then at least, one must become heedless to such creatures.

You will have to learn the art of taking every failure, every criticism, every rejection, which is bound to occur on many occasions, very positively, without allowing anyone to impair your super belief ‘I am adequately perfect.’ You will also be required to be very judgmental in assessing the feedbacks from internal as well as external environs. You shall observe on many occasions, that, just to elbow you out of something which they don’t want you to initiate or continue pursuing, they try to opine or suggest or criticize maliciously, which in turn enables you to imbibe undesirable ‘I am not perfect ‘belief. I expect you to be judgmental, in the sense that you should be able to distinguish and identify bonafide and real intentions. Must not forget that criticism, is for good in all probabilities too, like wise all the remarks or opinions, are not malicious.

In any case, you must live and always stay at your belief “I am just perfect to start or keep pursuing.”

Wish you a perfect beginning!!