Image from Abhay Mishraw Photography


Written by : Abhay Raj Mishraw

Pace, you exist in;
Identity lies in motion,
Age, you are called,
Just hold on; Listen, 
Before you vanish.
You manifest, in ways;
Each Different from other,
Moves of fetus, in womb so mild,
And in Squeal of just born child.
In golden blushes, in youthful eyes
In sagging skins and limping spines.
Oh! Age, mysterious though;
You’re awesome, for
The distinct phases you show.
Uncertainty is yet another feature;
Of accompaniments with any creature. 
You witness, all the pepper on head, 
When you start dusting salt, it turns;
Salt mixed pepper gradually, 
To be left as pure salt,
As pepper, you snatch, eventually.
Hairs; Black, Grey or white, are
Surprises, you unfold in life. 
Cant’ you be Little slow ?
In rigorous and relentless chase;
Right from birth unto death;
You impose, Enslave,
Every phase; 
Childhood in courtyard, 
To the last journey till graveyard
At your whim and fancy;
You take away mercilessly,
All that you bestow;
Maturely or prematurely.
Dear Age,
 You, still ought to be thanked,
 for, all that one owed!