The first thing that separates your story from thousands of other articles, is your title. It is extremely important to get the right title for your story.

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Blog titles are the first part of your blog post that your readers will see and the part that’s responsible for getting them to click through and read the rest.

You might have spent hours and hours of efforts creating a story/content that you publish on the blog. But for a reader, it might be just a 2–5 mins of their time. People are busy. We must optimize our stories for readers’ scarce time. We must respect their time and how will writing a good title help?

The moment you optimize the title of your article, they start to look…

I am Abhay Talreja and I have been bitten by the bug of Passive Income generation several times in the last few years. Actually, the last 8 years to be precise. I have a full-time job and yet am looking to multiple my source of income. I am not someone who just loves the Addition, Multiplication of income thrills me.

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That search brings me to — At the first look of it, it just appeared to a side, low profile marketplace. First, I thought, it was more like Amazon but couldn’t succeed. However, as I explored it further, I…

I know this is a very common topic but it is also a very common topic of confusion for many students of mine who are learning Javascript. The biggest or the first question they get when they start learning about Functions and how they pass the arguments.

Is Javascript a Pass by Value or Pass by Reference Language?

Well, the answer, according to me is neither. However, technically, it’s more of a Pass by Value language except when it comes to objects.

Here is a quick video of me explaining the different aspects of Pass by Value v/s Pass by…

Regular expressions are an important part of working with strings in JavaScript, and like many parts of the language, they haven’t changed much in recent versions. ECMAScript 6, however, makes several improvements to regular expressions to go along with the updates to strings.

The Regular Expression y Flag (sticky)

ECMAScript 6 standardized the y flag after it was implemented in Firefox as a proprietary extension to regular expressions. The y flag affects a regular expression search’s sticky property, and it tells the search to start matching characters in a string at the position specified by the regular expression’s lastIndex property. …

JavaScript’s strings have always had limited functionality compared to strings in other languages. For instance, until ECMAScript 6, strings lacked the methods covered so far in this chapter, and string concatenation is as simple as possible. To allow developers to solve more complex problems, ECMAScript 6’s template literals provide syntax for creating domain-specific languages (DSLs) for working with content in a safer way than the solutions available in ECMAScript 5 and earlier. (A DSL is a programming language designed for a specific, narrow purpose, as opposed to general-purpose languages like JavaScript.) …

Strings are arguably one of the most important data types in programming. They’re in nearly every higher-level programming language, and being able to work with them effectively is fundamental for developers to create useful programs.

JavaScript strings have always lagged behind similar features of other languages. It was only in ECMAScript 5 that strings finally gained a trim() method, for example, and ECMAScript 6 continues extending JavaScript’s capacity to parse strings with new functionality.

String Inspection Functions or Substrings

Before ECMAScript 6 we have traditionally used inedxOf() method to identify strings inside other strings.

ECMAScript 6 includes the following three methods, which are designed to…

So, now that I have my app setup — — I thought why not automate stuff. Especially, i spend a lot of time in slack.

Here is the link to my team. If you need help setting up your team login button, check out this article.

So, why not have entertainment mixed with work all in one place. So, I pulled up my socks and started working on connecting slack to my Telescope based Meteor app.

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The integration turned out to be rather easy! I will just show you how to write the meteor method. …

So, slack is a tool for pretty much teams to collaborate and based on it’s ease of use and popularity, I decided to hook it up to my app — Coolmoviebites

But the worst possible thing was to get a signup page (ofcourse this is a public team) — I explored a lot and all sources lead to a couple of articles with Typeform or slackin. I remembered signing up using both of these methods for my other public teams!

That was a clear indication that people are using it and it should be fairly easy. …

While I was trying to search for an api for my app I got this exception. Is it just me or others are also seeing it?

Time — 4:08 am EST

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Npm Down?

Quick Update — The issue seems to be resolved. Everything works now!

So, while I was deploying my meteor application onto the Digital Ocean, i happen to research a little on how to make my website ‘https’ — I didn’t have much of an experience but i always knew that if I ponder upon any website that has a ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ — it is much safer. For example, facebook, google, — Yes, another site I visit quite often.

That’s when I tumbled upon an article by Josh OwensSSL and Meteor.js

I realized 2 important things from this article:

  1. Getting security on your website is very easy!
  2. Getting…

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