Slackin — Slack Signup button for Free!

So, slack is a tool for pretty much teams to collaborate and based on it’s ease of use and popularity, I decided to hook it up to my app — Coolmoviebites

But the worst possible thing was to get a signup page (ofcourse this is a public team) — I explored a lot and all sources lead to a couple of articles with Typeform or slackin. I remembered signing up using both of these methods for my other public teams!

That was a clear indication that people are using it and it should be fairly easy. So, it was time to do it.

Step 1: Setup

npm install — save slackin

You don’t need that command, especially for this. You will see the below options.

The creator is super smart and pretty much provides a 1 click installation. You can Thank him!!!!!

Click on the Deploy to Heroku — It will ask you to create an account (it’s Free) — If you already have an account you can login.

The moment you get all logged in (if you had to create an account, just go back to npm and click the button again) — You should see a pre-defined configuration for your app. Just configure the basic info.

  • Slack Domain — This is the name of the team (in my case coolmoviebites)
  • Slack Api Token — Okay, so this may take a minute or two to setup. Firstly, log out of slack and create a new user (you can also use your user, but it’s advisable to have separate account)

Once you have the new user — Login with your admin account (primary account for your team) and then make this newly created user as an admin.

You can find or generate your API test token at Note that test tokens have actual permissions so you do not need to create an OAuth 2 app. Also check out the Slack docs on generating a test token

  • Slack Code of conduct — You can specify a link that users can click to view the COC. Again, an optional!
  • Chanel List — Again, an optional field to specify users to connect with a channel. For most cases, leaving blank works.

All Set!

Once, you are done. You can view your app. In my case, it was as below.

Yes, you may wonder, how come there was just 1 step. Well, that is it. It is so simple.

I hope this article helped you! If you are looking for connecting your app or creating a slack-bot. You should check out this article.

Signing Off!

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