Hello Developers! This is second part of the drag-n-drop in Vuetify series. If you haven’t read the first part, which I highly recommend before reading this. In this part we are going to solve the v-tabs problem of active tab from last part and going to implement drag-n-drop functionality for Data Tables, which is requested feature in our Vuetify Community. So here we go…

Solution for drag-n-drop with v-tabs ( from part — I )

When we dragged the active tab from one place to another, it was loosing the focus. Also if another tab was dragged anywhere, the active tab also was loosing the focus as seen here. To solve this problems, we have to see the events provided by the Vue.draggable. There is support for start, add, remove, update, end, choose, sort, filter, clone . That’s are lot to choose from, but we are going to use the update event. Other events are also useful. …

Hello Developers! Today we are going to talk about integrating drag-n-drop functionality for our Vuetify project. There are some use cases we are going to talk a little bit in deep because in our Vuetify Discord Community many user asked for using drag and drop for data tables. This will be a two part article for now and maybe I can add more if needed. So here we go…

Why Should you bother with it?

If you know why you are using it then skip this paragraph. But for people who don’t know about it, here is some description. It allows you to drag something and drop somewhere. Maybe you have two arrays shown to user as two different lists. One is task completed list and one is, obviously not completed. The user can simply drag something from either list to another list or rearrange the tasks in same list.

NOTE: This article only describe personal experience while choosing a backend and nothing more. This is a simple comparison between Express and Laravel and why I chose Laravel over express as backend for my big ambitious project which is in it’s final phase.


A little bit of background will help you understand my requirements at the time of starting project. I was working with java and XML to create Android apps. I wanted to get into web development and I had feeling that sooner or later I have to. Because at my place, there was less demand for an Android apps than websites. So I challenged myself to build an demo Android app and a Website for institute of 6000 students. …


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