12 Resources to Learn Linux

The reasons for downloading and working with Linux are numerous. It was originally targeted towards developers and coding enthusiasts, but since then has evolved for the masses as well. These days, Linux operating systems has become more user-friendly and are a great alternative to standard desktop operating systems.

The only set back is it requires getting a little used to, having to install everything using a terminal. However, it gives you far more power over your system and how it works. You decide what your desktop looks like, what runs on it and how it reacts to your commands. This power has resulted in a lot of people (including non-developers) to shift from using Windows or OSX to Linux or Linux based operating systems.

The benefits of using Linux does not end there. There are many other reasons that one should definitely consider for using Linux including:

  • It’s Free
  • No viruses!
  • No drivers, you can simply install software using the terminal
  • Linux can get the software for you
  • Choose how your desktop looks like
  • No back doors in your software
  • Free and unlimited support
  • No more pre-installed bloatware

With so many reasons, there is absolutely no reason for you to not learn Linux and make it your default OS! Here are a few different resources where you can get your hands on learning UNIX, Linux or Ubuntu from scratch.

  1. Full Linux Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Advanced with RedHat Linux, CentOS, and Kali Linux!

Over 7 hours of video lectures packed into this one YouTube video. This in-depth Linux tutorial covers everything from the basic Linux operating system to more advanced functions. It covers 3 Linux distributions including RedHat Linux, CentOS, and Kali Linux. The video is confident in being able to teach you enough about Linux and Linux Administration that you can land a Linux Administration job. It might not be that simple, but this is definitely a great way to get started with learning Linux and all of its commands.

2. Linux For Absolute Beginners

If you do not want the mess and hassle of having to search numerous different tutorials and simply want a Linux course for beginners that will do most of the hard work for you while teaching you how to get started with Linux, well then look no further than this course. A good instructor that knows the Linux operating system in and out, who helps break down the fundamentals of Linux to teach you in the simplest manner possible. This is hands down one of the easiest course to learn Linux from scratch.

3. Learn Linux in 5 Days and Level Up Your Career

This popular Udemy course aims to teach you Linux in 5 days, enough that you can definitely put Linux on your resume. The course covers important concepts and commands and also includes step-by-step practical and real-world examples. You do not need any prior knowledge of Linux and it also includes a tutorial to install WordPress on an Ubuntu system. Great way to learn Linux, if time is of the constraint.

4. Step by Step Linux Tutorial on the Linux Command

Learn how to read and write a computer with this Linux tutorial on the Linux Command. While it shows you the basics and also advanced commands for powering Linux systems, the best part is that it guides you from the start with actual coding. No theoretical breakdown, but more hands-on practical applications, with the code and the reason behind the code. It will show you, rather than simply just give you the tools and tell you to figure out based on the images.

5. BEGINNER’S GUIDE FOR LINUX — Start Learning Linux in Minutes

This course is slightly different from the rest, because it focuses on working with Linux as per industrial environment, rather than for the users at home. This focuses more on things such as Linux commands and switches, scripting, services and applications, access control, process control, user management, database management, web services, etc. The course is broken down into sections, with the entire first section dedicated to the boot process and how to install various distributions of Linux-Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. You will also learn how to Dual Boot two different operating systems on your computer.

6. The Linux Tutorial

If you are the kind of person who likes to dig deep for information and get into background of the system, well then this is the perfect Linux course for you. It is completely dedicated to Linux including Glossary, Test Your Knowledge, Recent News Stories, Forums, Quizzes, and you guessed it even tutorials. However, if you just want to skip directly to the Linux tutorial you can click here.

7. Training — online Linux training, classroom Linux training and on-site Linux training courses

This resource made the list because it does not limit itself to simply learning Linux basics. However, it expands its reach to other areas of Linux training including visualization, drivers, kernals, performance tuning, system administration, etc. Depending on what you want to learn, this resource has a tutorial or a course designed to cater to that particular need. There is also a list of free Massive Open Online Course paired with EdX.

8. Linux Training Videos

A foundation has been designed by the Linux community for learning Linux, for Free! This page has a list of tutorials, webinars and even event videos. The tutorials are also divided for developers and system administrators. There is also a link in the beginning paragraph for learning advanced Linux techniques. If you have time, this website has everything you need to not only get started with Linux but also master it with the help of experienced developers.

9. Learn Linux basics and Advanced Concepts

This is a great resource for people who love learning through hands-on application. This survival website has two different sections one for Linux basics and the other for Linux System Admin. If you click on the Free Linux Tutorial, you will be led to a tutorial that will go through various different commands with you, starting with simple list and Linux folder system commands. However, you get to learn the commands and actually use them in the tutorial itself.

10. Learn the ways of Linux for Free

A clean and chic website that makes learning look fun. The website has divided topics into multiple sections including Getting Started, Command Line, Text, Advanced Text, User Management, Processes, Permissions, Devices, Filesystem, etc. Everything has been neatly packed into this one website to cater to all your Linux needs. Each section includes exercises and quizzes in addition to theory learning, which makes it easy for you to not only learn but also test yourself at every turn.

11. Linuxtopia — The Encyclopedia for Everything Linux

A complete encyclopedia for everything related to Linux including a library for all technical books, guides and even section of text books about programming, scripting, system administration, security, virtualization, web development, etc. Additionally, it also includes How — To Guides and a Search option that allows you to search queries related to Linux.

12. Beginners: Learn Linux

Another complete website for learning Linux. The best part about this resource is that it has the best of both worlds — theoretical as well as practical. It helps breakdown Linux programming and all everything in a theoretical manner, but on the right side of the website you can find other links that include Games, How Tos, Guides, Tips and Tricks and so much more.

With this much power, it is no wonder that a lot of people are starting to learn Linux and are accepting Linux as their standard operating system. These are some of the many different Linux online tutorials available that have been handpicked. However, if you feel like we have missed out on any other good tutorials, please let us know.

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