6 best ways to learn Laravel

Laravel is the one of the most popular PHP frameworks. It is an open source framework and has become a desired skill in PHP developers. It has a neat syntax and comes with a powerful toolkit. There’s no surprise that it is the preferred choice of modern web developers as it is loaded with powerful features like eloquent ORM, ease of authentication, clean routing, a decent queue library and many more. Larvel initially introduced a command line interface called Artisan with Laravel 3 which later incorporated some components from the symfony framework.

Laravel is a framework that eases out the painful tasks for you and provides a creative environment for building your web apps by using a simple interactive syntax. It is simple to understand and implement. Larvel has a complete documentation. The creator keeps updating the documentation to provide the latest one for the users. It has built-in migration that can be executed via Artisan. Also, there are several add-on packages called bundles that can be plugged into your Laravel installation.

So if you have chosen to start developing in Larvel and want to learn about the framework, there are a plenty of sources out there to help you, below I have listed down 6 of the best sources that I’d recommend to guide the beginners:

Code Bright by Dayle Rees

The best way to learn for beginners is by reading the book Code Bright by Dayle Rees. Code Bright is a successor to Code Happy which is one of the top rated resources for learning Laravel. It covers almost all of the framework’s features. The style of writing makes it a treasured resource for both beginners as well as for experienced programmers. The content is friendly and humorous. The writer calls this book to be published under development which means the later updates on this book will be available for free.


The official documentation from Laravel is the first place you should visit when starting to learn Laravel. Most open source frameworks don’t provide the documentation to meet the requirements of different developers. Laravel documentation is a concise, clear and appealing site and proves to be very helpful while you get to use the framework.


Laracasts is a collection of expert screencasts by Jeffery Way, an important pillar of the Laravel community. It is one of the resources provided by the Laravel community. It is somewhat like Netflix for Laravel developers. Jeffery Way shows you the correct approach for doing something by comparing the pros and cons of different approaches that he has tried and tested himself. This way you get much more to learn and get to choose better approaches for developing in Laravel.


Eduonix is a website through which you will get to learn with the latest version of Laravel and go through all the concepts that the framework covers. The course is designed so that you get a practical training in the framework. If you follow the course closely, you can turn into an expert developer. The course consists of 39 lectures, 7 hours of video tutorials and also awards you a certificate at the completion of the course.

Laravel Basics by Treehouse

The Laravel Basics by Treehouse is a course being held by Hampton Paulk where he teaches you all the basic steps to get you going with Laravel. It consists of 8 sections and each section has several lessons and question/answer tests so that you can get a quick revision on what you’ve just learnt. Each section comes with interactive videos, relevant downloads and teachers notes. Most of these videos are under 10 minutes in duration.

Built with Laravel

This is a website where you will find a number of open source projects that were built with Laravel. Here you can look at the different kinds of websites that were possible to be built using Laravel. You can also submit your own websites on built with Laravel.

These are just the sources that I think are good ways to start. All of you might be having different backgrounds and different levels of experience with coding. You can explore other options if you have a different style of learning.

Do you think we missed some good sources for learning Laravel? Share it with us through your comments.

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