Last night in Aleppo
TRT World

So let me guess, Aleppo was safe under the control of rebels, 40% of whom were al-nusra fighters? And now these people are at risk of being killed by the same people who have kept the other part of the city, safe and secure?

And the other less important thing, as far as I remember, even UN has no source on the ground and yet all of the western media is sure that civilians are being killed.

Last, why and how is this Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, based out of Coventry and managed by a man who last went to Syria 16 years ago even a source? And why all of a sudden people in Eastern aleppo so much in live with Twitter? And this last message, why was this before the interviews on BBC and CNN, they were supposed to be dead?

But then, I am doing propaganda and have a hidden agenda. Good luck, West saved a lot of lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and saving many in presently saving civilians in Yemen too…

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