It’s saddening when you are all alone trying to hold yourself up and constantly battling with your inner self that whether you are venturing in the right direction or not. Sometimes life’s a bit hazy. And most of the times you will not have a single clue about what your are doing or about to do. You feel terrified and churned out. Suddenly good becomes bad and bad becomes worst. And by the time you realize what has happened, well, it has already happened. Probably you interrogate yourself why this is happening to you? Out of these gazillions people melancholy chose you. Am I that unlucky? You ask yourself.

But deep down inside something keeps you away from giving up. You are driven by that intangible force to try one more time, and you do. But nothing you try matters. As if you are under a bad spell. The only difference is that this time you don’t complain. You keep going on and you don’t care about winning or losing. Now it’s all about surviving. After all thats what we as homosapiens are supposed to do. But how long can a man fight? There are always thresholds that set the human limitations. Soon the inner zeal starts to fade away and you start losing the sight of the horizon.

But then something miraculous happens. You see a beacon of hope kindling your inner self again. Suddenly you find out that you are standing on the other side of the sea, the land you have always dreamt of. Your spirits are high and you start wondering if magical realism is true. When you look back you see a distinctive pattern. As if everything you did till now, every path you came across catapulted you to your desire. You seem happy again. Good becomes great.

Then out of the blue someone asks you if you were lucky. You smile gently. But this time the width of your smile represents something different.

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