I am different. And that’s okay.

I am implacably trying to make things happen. I just want to create some value for people, to serve my purpose in some way or the other. I just don’t happen to be the person who can not see the bigger picture. But the agony is I am failing despite trying so hard. Am I craving for the money? An absolute no. Do I need fame? Never. Then why am I persistent to achieve something which others have regarded as arduous?

The answer lies in who I am and my core ethics. I regard myself as an 'aberrant' person, a person who is different than others. But it wasn't all natural and it wasn't the case that I was treated differently from the very beginning. But the truth is I wanted to become different than the rest, as to me that was the measure of success: to travel a less travelled path. So I moulded myself accordingly.

I recall an instance when I was 12 or 13 y/o. Me and some of my buddies were just watching T.V. And I always changed the channel that they wanted to see. They thought I was an A-hole. I considered myself to be cool. These types of instances kept continuing. Eventually I have isolated myself so much that most of the times people consider me as an introvert or an egoist.

But why am I telling you all these? That’s because I have decided to take a leap of faith to try something on my own. I have prepared myself for this thing for two years, day in and day out. I networked like crazy on LinkedIn and Twitter. Asked for opportunities, internships, jobs(good roles, bad roles)you name it. I had quit a secure job and worked as an intern just to learn and grow. So here’s my two cents: 
1. ‌Its okay to be different.
2. ‌Hustling is cool, regretting isn’t. Do what your gut says. Believe me, everything will fall in the right places eventually.

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