Exploring UI of map view in Yelp-like apps
Pavithra Aravindan

Nice thoughts on map app designs. This really helps as I’m working on designing and building an android app for bike(bicycle) shops in India.

I personally like the yelp design the best as it shows the pins on the map, and a quick view of the item below. This I find better than the tooltip. You should check out these map apps too; I really likes their designs -Eventbrite, Field trip, Trulia, Citymapper. (Hopefully they are available for iOS too; I’m on Android)

I liked your design thoughts 1 and 2. However, unless explicitly told, the user won’t ever come to find out that the tooltips show distance and color showing prices. The tinder like interface is very intuitive design idea though, I’ll definitely be using it in my app (:

One design challenge in facing with map interfaces is the toggling between the map and list interfaces. I’m undecided between and toolbar icon, a floating action button or tabs.

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