How to apply for Singapore visa

Singapore, one of the most beautiful and cleanest countries in the whole world, is also one of the most favorite among the tourists all over the world. The tourism industry in Singapore is blooming currently, like never before. There are n numbers of stunning tourist destinations to visit in this beautiful country. This country receives thousands of tourists annually, some visit Singapore for a vacation, accompanied by their family or friends, while some visit Singapore for business purpose.

If you to have a trip to Singapore in pipeline and are worried about the formalities like visa et al, fret not, we are here to help you.

Visa application in Singapore is not as difficult as it seems. You just need the right and authentic documents and you are good to go.

Here are the important documents that one must have in order to apply for Singapore visas-

· You must have the Confirmed return air tickets with tour itinerary

· Your original passport

· The Singapore visa application form (filled duly and signed)

· Each visitor must submit two passport size photographs (35mm x 45mm). The photographs must be against white background and should be only in matte finish.

· Applicant’s covering letter

· Bank statement showing all the transactions of past six months, attested duly by the bank official.

If you are heading for a business visit, and you want a business visa to Singapore, you would need some extra documents, other than the documents mentioned above. The extra documents are-

· The Original covering letter offered by the Indian company addressing ‘The Visa officer Singapore consulate’.

· The Invitation letter offered to the applicant by the overseas company addressing ‘The Visa officer Singapore consulate’. is the place if you want to apply for Singapore visa online. Our website is the solution to all your visa troubles. Submit all your authentic documents and we will deliver the visa at your door steps in just a few working days. Your visa Singapore is just a few clicks away. So, stop fretting and start packing for the tour. ClearViza will take care of your visa issues.