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Like a pearl within an oyster, Sri Lanka sits amidst the Indian Ocean with its captivating beauty. Located in the Indian Ocean, south of India and rich with wild, untamed natural diversity, ancient history, spiritual serenity and magnificent Hindu and Buddhist temples, Sri Lanka is a natural and cultural melting pot. Famed for its exquisite flora and fauna, world’s most beautiful beaches and , of course, the Ceylon tea, Sri Lanka boasts of an unending adventure, leisure, tranquillity, exploration and joy.

Tourists should visit ancient heritage sites like Sigiriya, Dambulla cave temple, Pahiyangala and Avukana Buddha statue. Yala national park, Temple of Tooth, Royal botanical gardens, Kandy and several beaches, wildlife sanctuaries throughout the country are other incredible places to visit. And if you love mouth-watering cuisine, Sri Lanka is the place to be.

With so much to offer, naturally a person starts craving to visit this fantastic place. However, many a times, a vacation is not so easy, due to frequent travel documents and visa problems. But detailed information, thorough confirmation and a few simple steps is all one needs to walk past these hurdles.

Often due to inadequate information, people wonder how to get a Sri Lanka visa and what are the processes involved. Following are the documents which travellers need in order to apply for a tourist visa for Sri Lanka.

· Returned air ticket

· Copy of passport size photograph of each visitor

· Scanned copy of each visitor’s first and last page of the passport.

However, a significant proportion of travelers, especially from the corporate sector, find it difficult and inconvenient to apply for a visa offline. And if you find yourself stuck in the same situation, look no more. The process of online applications for a visa has been simplified by us — We are an online portal and will assist you to apply for a Sri Lanka visa online, with relative ease and transparency. Submit the above mentioned documents to us, fill the application form and delightedly watch us wishing you adieu to the beautiful country of Sri Lanka, within a few days.