Clouds and Chaos!

The sun burns
a bright auburn
The sky binds
 a blurred vision of blue
Her heart thumping
thumping hard
hard that she can feel its pounding
on her burning flesh
Her senses all alert
alert for yet again 
she leaves
leaves like a butterfly 
coming out 
of her cocoon
out of the cocoon
and into the gusto winds
winds that are supposed 
to blow her senses away
and make her eyes moisten
yet as she slowly
floats upwards and looks out
she has a strange feeling
one that makes her smile
her being feels like she’s
cradled by the clouds
gliding over & above
above the winds that wound
she floats and glides
like she was born to soar
like a swan waddling the waters
she is a butterfly born to fly
oh here she is and she’s a joy!