Last week I started my day
with the gory tale of a predator at bay
he had been called out for misdemeanors of past
not the first of its kind and sadly not the last

Every day we bask in the light of progress,
yet issues of this nature force us to digress,
this is a situation we need to handle
we shouldn’t just be riled up when there is a scandal

The crux of a problem lies at its root
a discussion which patriarchy has rendered moot, 
our ancestors were blind to the error of their ways
they chose men as leaders and made women obey

These seeds of old are prevalent today
some talk about them and some just pray, 
so common we have made her plight
when did we become so desensitized?

I myself was oblivious, I thought we were improving
but the stories of late show how badly we are losing, 
every incident that we’ve let slide across
has turned into someone’s agony and loss

This is not an apology nor a cry for help
 but then again how can you live with yourself?
 Knowing she’s treated like a piece of meat
 exploited, victimized and mentally beat

They shouldn’t have to ask for change, this is their right
 come on brothers, let’s join the fight
 and if you’re still confused and looking for clarity, 
 do nothing but stand in solidarity.

Note- You can think of this as condemnation or a mere request to understand the pain the women in our society are facing. This for all of the people who have had the courage to come forward with their #metoo statuses and for those who haven’t posted, we stand with you.

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