It’s good to be lost in the right direction

Often times, I get into a mode of thinking about my past and the decisions I made. Judging if they were for right for me or for the people that were involved. At times, the consequences have even percolated into my present and put me into a state of confusion and unrest.

But then I think to myself, was I true to myself or fair in the situation. Were my deeds reflecting the present or my future plausible consequences. I know I am not right all the time or have made best decisions. I might be lost in this labyrinth, for I don’t know what is right or who is wrong. For I do not know what I going to happen next or where this is going to lead me to.

But in the end, I hope I learn from my mistakes, be true to myself and have good intentions behind my decisions. I am OK to be in the state of not knowing what’s coming up next. All I hope is that even if I am lost, I be lost in the right direction.

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