The Importance of Art in Life

There is a tendency among us to get caught in a circle of unending responsibilities and obligations. This is no one’s fault and this is a situation which is often followed by a statement ‘that’s how life goes’. There is no way to argue out of it. There is no one who can explain why life is like that. There is no justification of the circle. A circle is a two dimensional geometric shape. An object’s life following a circular path averages out to zero. The only way of leaving the circle is at a tangent. A tangent has direction.

I am no expert on art. I can only talk about my own perspective. Art is the elegance when you read a piece on an obscure subject with a spin in it which only the most practiced person can provide. Art is the ephemeral feeling that your life which has not yet unfolded is heading somewhere. Art is the affirmation of an image which has not yet occurred. Art is the image created by people who in their heads see things unfathomed by everyone else. Art is a projection of things to come. Art is hope and art is introspection. Star Trek comes to my mind today. I was born in 1994 and today in 2017 after reading an article here on Medium ‘Exploring the Past and Future of Space Travel’ I saw one of the possible futures of humanity. A future which is quite like the one presented to us by the makers of Star Trek since 1966. I cannot possibly judge the level of impact fictions like these may have had on the generations which are leading the way towards the next big step of space colonisation, but in the years to come and that to not far from now fiction may not be fiction anymore. Space organisations have already set dates as close as 2020 to initiate ventures of colonising the moon and 2033 as a year for colonising Mars. Art is not as trivial as it seems, art is direction.