Sense Paradise Sense Organic!

When the world’s cosmetic industry is fighting to give you the glow of a bride naturally, how many of us can trust that fact???Have you ever looked back to the pics of our DADIS and NANIS??? They looked ageless right? We don’t think they had the need to use foundations or concealers eh? Now whenever we visit a parlour we are on constant urge of Natural and Organic Products. Imagine the beauty spa without the aromatic fragrance the soothing feel.

Each time we feel why not trying this at home right..Subsequently we land up to a store and its like product evacuating your entire monthly budget :/

We here at GreenMoksh are in constant effort to target this problem of today’s era and bring out the best for our customers..Felt little hyperactive???

Yeah That’s obvious..But we at GreenMoksh are not retailers we are consumers..

We have pointed out on areas we had struggled a lot.. We have attested each and every product for you .We ensured reliability and compared prices with stores and brought the best at the bestest deal!!

Now being newbies we want to inform you some facts before u go for organic products…

1.Labels can be deceiving! Just because there are a certain number of “natural ingredients” added to a product (or synthetic ingredients derived from natural ones), doesn't make it clean and non-toxic, despite what the marketing department might say. Make sure to read your labels and be wary of chemical names

2.Avoid nasty ingredients like Parabens, PEGs

3.When you’re looking for a perfume or a sweet smelling moisturiser, check out some of the natural, essential oil-based blends in your health food retailer or online.

4.Check labels for the Leaping Bunny logo, or the words “Cruelty Free.” These are the companies we should be supporting, not the ones subjecting animals to cruel experiments that aren't necessary to certify safety.

I hope you try at least once. We don’t claim Celebrity look but we guarantee the Beautiful YOU…

Stay Natural Be You…

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