Is our system really against Naxalism ?

I don’t generally blog. But today i read something in the newspaper which bothered me a lot. So i decide to vent it out here.

The article.

This article is from Hindustan newspaper (5th May 2017, Dhanbad edition)

It says two naxals have surrendered. Nakul Yadav and Madan Yadav.

Their crime :

Nakul Yadav did 195 serial blasts in Lohardaga(Jharkhand) to cause terror. Yes,195! In May,2011,he killed 11 police officers and injured 60+. In Gumla and Lohardaga area,he forced children to join the Naxals. He made a rule that one child per home should join. Madan yadav used to work under him.

Police had a prize money of 15 lakh Rs for Nakul and 5 Lakh for Madan.

Who got the prize money?

The article says that they got cheques of the same amount(15 lakh and 5 lakh) by the police in some ‘celebration event’ for surrendering.

So, if you surrender,all the prize money on your head is given to you?

These people killed many policemen . So, do these police officers have no shame celebrating and giving money to these people who killed many of their own? Are they happy when their photos get printed on newspaper for this?

I was really shocked ,so i searched on internet more articles about it. I just found two.(here and here ).None of them talked about this money distribution. They talked about just the surrender part. Even the online version of newspaper doesn’t have the photo.

Also one of the articles says that Nakul joined naxal movement after his father’s land, around 40 acres, got usurped by his relatives. Now, normally we are told a different stories about Naxals. They are the oppressed who are revolting against the state and so on.

Not even 10 days have passed since Sukma attack where 25 CRPF soldiers were killed and mutilated.

So, my question is : Will such an action by the administration demotivate people to join naxals? Is the government/system/politicians really against them? Maybe these people are treated differently than terrorists because this isn’t supposed to end?

I feel ashamed today.

Sorry for my bad writing skills.