Blogger VS Wordpress. Which Should You Use? and WordPress are the two frequently used web blogging platforms today. Today, has a number of countless users on their system. WordPress began in 2003 as the heir to another web blogging system. Using the Blogger setup mandates that the blog is hosted on their servers. In contrast, blogs running on WordPress platform could be hosted at, or the WordPress software may be downloaded and used on your selection of web hosts. Characteristics Free hosting for up to 1 GB worth of space Site content is kept on web servers capability to select and customize templates Simple to get started, simple to use Upload and store picture files and video files. Characteristics Free hosting for up to 3GB worth of space Site content is kept on web servers capability to select and customize templates Simple to get started, simple to use Upload and store picture, video, along with other file formats. WordPress Self Hosted Characteristics Blog content is kept on user’s preferred hosting company Virtually limitless capability to select and customize templates and widgets Chooses some technical capability to setup and configure Files support files from the web server, which probably means practically unlimited. Who Uses Which A rapid perusal of the few the various blog running on the domain compared to those which use among the WordPress setups suggests that is more popular for people who site about their families, pets, along with other personal forms of issues.


Compared to WordPress users, users are usually not Professional bloggers, although there are so many Common Joe bloggers who monetize their Blogspot sites and earn a living doing it. Self-hosted WordPress sites lean more toward professional organizations who have an IT person or division who handles their preservation. Since Word — is comparable in its performance to, blogs using are comparable to Blogger blogs in content, normally more casual or individual than self-hosted WordPress blogs. If you wish to make any significant customization of your hosted blog, you will have to pay to upgrade to their Custom CSS membership, which costs $14.97 annually. In case your site runs on the WordPress platform downloadable from, your costs depend on your hosting account, that could cost as small as $5.00 per month or just as a lot as hundreds of dollars monthly. Flexibility Since WordPress is open source application, it gives experienced bloggers far more versatility when it comes to customizing a site. Whenever you download and install WordPress, you’ve full access to the repository and the PHP, CSS, and picture files that comprise the WordPress web blogging platform.

For making a blog on WordPress you have to buy a Hosting service for your domain but blogs made with blogger were hosted on their server. You just want a Domain for making a blog on blogger. But blogs made by WordPress looks pretty amazing and for everything you have plugins, So you don’t have to do things manually Just download a Plugin and it will do it for you. vs vs blogger

Here is a chart showing every difference in these blogging Platforms-

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