Why marketing students must not forget to study Kotler?

Any and every marketing student must read Kotler. The reason is that nobody tells the story better. Every page of the book has a story and every story is so beautifully told that you will find it really difficult to forget any of them. Kotler makes you fall in love with marketing and everything related to it. Right from the beginning you can see that his book is filled with all the valuable ‘Gyaan’ you need to understand your market and its gimmicks better. Two girls go to Baristaa….and so on. He carefully details stuff about these brands that makes the entire picture clear in a second. The value of differentiation, strategy, branding and everything is there to help you dig deeper. He uncovers every hidden mystery with lucidity. His language is engaging but his style is something that makes the real difference. Kotler and Kelly have raised the curtain from the drama like few others have ever done. The market you visit daily is not just what it looks. Thousands of brands you come across daily and thousands of them go unnoticed. So, what is the difference between the ones that are noticeable and the ones that are not. Kotler helps understand what these brands have changed with marketing. Advertising is a deep art and understanding it helps market your brand better. So, the students who are preparing to enter the market must focus on the wisdom Kotler has to share with them. Not just students, but even the managers have a lot to gain if they want to excel in marketing. Kotler’s perspective is raw and solid. He weighs the market and defines its features with a unique but strong perspective. He states them candidly as seen with the naked eyes. To know the market, you must study its soul and not its body. Kotler will help you penetrate deeper than the soul. Kotler has a very different perspective to offer. So don’t forget to check him out when you are preparing for your next interview. He will help you know everything big and small that can change your fortunes. To know what trends are going to shape thefuture of marketing, people can visit Kotler’s site.

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