It’s not what we think…it’s what we do to reflect it

During the course of life we come across people it can be our friends, family afcourse and some people who touch our heart and just imprint on us like anything.Most of us when we are stuck in an awkward emotional position generally we think for the betterment of the other person but sometimes that backfires and things get entangled even more. All this what i’m saying is from personal experience and this has happened with everyone of you, hasn’t it?

The basic thing you should do is to try and empathize with the person and look from his/her point of view rather using your own god damn brain which is of no use if you are the person at fault. Do this and you will avoid a huge falling outwith the other person. I have done this mistakes lot of time with friends, family and the dearest to me and i have suffered a lot and the person involved even more then me. Over the years and even today i have realized the mistake that i make but still you know as they say if it is written it will happen. And i suppose quite a lot is written in my fate.

Reflecting ourselves, imprinting ourselves on someone else’s life and is not easy and it’s certainly not easy to maintain that relationship.Rebuilding a broken relationship is much harder then building a new one. So don’t ever let go of the dearest people you have. They are a part of you in one way or another.This is what i have learned. You might try your guts out to maintain it but until there are results, the person would not be convinced. He/She might know what you really mean from within but at the moment words and actions are what matters the most.Your emotions somehow will be reflected by your actions in the long run but at that split second decision you are obligated to say what the other person is expecting from you and even do it not just say it for the sake of saying. Just try to think from his/her shoes and just think what your words might have done to that person. These things which i just said are what has happened with me and most of you might be even thinking that “Okay i’m not the only one in the world with this problem.”. Yes you are not the only one i’m one of you who has felt this flaw within me. But despite you, me or anyone who has realized this still would be facing this problem because the human nature does not allow you to change so quickly.

So i would suggest that be calm in these situations (i wasn’t sometimes), try to understand the other person first and think from their point of view stop being selfish. Reflect yourself in the actions and not just be in your dreamworld. Don’t make any assumptions or interpretations just be yourself and be clear. Rest the time will handle it.