SOLITUDE a must for everyone

Solitude a word, a time, a moment with the deepest emotions one can feel at that time. For me personally it’s a very important thing for me. Whether I’m angry,sad, annoyed, frustrated rather then bursting out i would prefer to be left in solitude. I just go for a walk listen to music and while doing that i write stuff or i do things which i generally don’t do. There are times in my and each one of your life when you really need a ME TIME and you must take it. I have a temper which i control to a lot of extent but at some point I feel like just bursting out and say all type of shit to the other person which is something i avoid now a days with my parents, my friends and everyone close to me. No matter how much anger i might have but at the end i feel about whatever happened and above that i feel bad about the anger.

So basically the so called ME TIME is something which calms me down it gives me the feeling and time to analyse the things either from my point of view and even the other person involved. Rather then coming up with thoughts which are bullshit which i generally do this is a much better option. I just go outside in the balcony listen to music, drink coffee, and just sit there and have a think. This solitude is something most dear to me but i don’t say that out loud much. It’s that part of me which makes me quiet and all and people perceive of me that i might some types of arrogance. But the silence is what i am.

Most of you will be thinking this is something i do or i wanna do, i would just say that don’t think just do it. The happiness, the calm, the space you will get will be just what you need to sort you shit out.

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