Design Execution #2: Smart way of using Photoshop

Designers always have challenges when it comes to global changes. That means tons of screens/files to work on, and make same change across not to mention without human errors ;) It takes too many hour and sync up within team to make sure everyone follows the same guidelines.

In these condition having style guide document may not fulfil the challenge. What can help in this situation is some basic techniques Photoshop already have. Some of them as below:

Layer Comps -

Layer comps is something which will make your life easier when it comes to do Global changes. Like Header, Footer, Popup, basically layouts who has similar structure across different instances. Layer comps is basically single PSD which carries multiple instances. After using this feature you will have singe PSD to update for particular flow, instead more than 5 files to maintain.

Character Style -

This will help you to maintain the character style across designs. This will reduce the constant confusion between designers about where to use which font, colour or style. What you need to do is just to upload character styles which you have already defined and need to apply to the desired type layer.

Paragraph Style -

This is very much similar features as Character style. It just that here you need to mention the Paragraph settings like line height, character spacing etc..

These feature will defiantly reduce the designers efforts around 30–40%. We have started using this and we have found significant amount of control on our deliverables.

Hope this will help designers who haven’t considered using these amazing features.

Would love to hear your experience after using it. :)