My experience with Udacity Deep Learning Foundations Nanodegree
Vitaly Bezgachev

Most of the resources have not been covered in good depth, there is little video content to supplement the material and they ask you to read the content. It is often the case you are referred to a link/video by Andrej Karpathy. Well, with the price you end up paying, you could as well purchase good text books and read them instead. Couldn’t agree more on some of the instructors trying to be too funky dudes out there.

Anyone starting to get into deep learning should definitely consider Andrew NG’s course on Coursera CS231n by Andrej Karpathy, CS224d (a new CS224n — 2017 videos are on youtube) and available for free.

You could also consider the MOOC from Instructors Jeremy Howard and Rachel Thomas use Keras. For GPU instances, floydhub is an option and if you are subscribed to MSDN, you get $150 per month credits, so you may well try Azure.

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