Anitha died with a dream to become a doctor and the country might have lost another finest brain and a future doctor who made it to the prestigious Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai in Aeronautical Engg. as well as scored 196.75/ 200 in EAMCET Medical. Her performance in 12th board was spectacular, then why she couldn’t able to score minimum mark to be eligible for NEET. Is this the NEET or the course pattern followed by the school boards across the country. Being from the state board, I know the pain of competing with students from CBSE and ICSE. At a state board education system more weightage given to the in-depth study of selected subjects like Math, History, Geography and MIL. State boards never emphasises or recognise the importance of English. In a state board students being taught all subjects in their state language and this is the root cause for failure of student at National level Exams. when students appears the national level exams questions patterns are in english as well as it’s curated according to the CBSE pattern where subject knowledge matters the most. CBSE updated their syllabus once in a while, provides more weightage to the study of science and preparing students for competitive exam at their earlier stage of schooling. In Anitha’s case every one is blaming either NEET or Central Government. No one is ready to accept the loop holes in the education system. Political parties playing dirty politics by trying to paint it as a case of inequality in education due to lack in reservation for backward cast. I also felt like the 4th pillar of the democracy have lost their ethics and moral as the headlines of the top Nations Daily from past few days adding turmoil to the society than addressing the actual fact. One of the most popular News Daily headline was “A dalit medical aspirant killed her self”, is there a necessity to add Dalit? Media have the power to present insights, get people on board to debate on education system vs neet but instead they behaving like robot controlled by some else. There is a strong reason behind state like Tamilnadu taking interest in creating controversies and sparks protests against NEET. Here is the fact.

Private medical collegea charges fees from 30L to 1.5Cr. Before NEET they used to show actual fees as 5 to 6L and rest was taken through under the table of which there was no proper record and all those are the blaco money. The medical system was pleagued by the corruption. This act of mispractices gets disturbed by the NEET by making it mandatory to disclose the fees and centralised counselling through NEET, which means colleges can’t charge extra amount and every penny taken by the institution is under Govt lenses.

Medical admission scam is one of the most common aspect of medical education. It happens more in the states which have the countless number of private medical colleges. This scam was prevented by NEET and people who were making money from this gets disturbed.