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This insight is shared by By Pruthviraj Karur, Lead — Mobile Development, Codewave.

To remain competitive in a fast growing market with unpredictably changing needs, almost every business today has its digital twin, with a slice of the business run on a mobile app — 24/7.

Digital first businesses who want apps want better apps built in less time and minimal initial investment — as apps are most effective when they are continuously, iteratively improved to consistently meet changing market demands.

Agencies who design and develop apps would want to build it better, faster, and at the same time ensure it is reliable and cost-effective. …

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The idea of work and workplaces, are seeing a fundamental shift — companies are moving from being a factory providing jobs for specific skills to being a platform that brings people together on a journey of trust, connection and meaningful exchange.

From strict employment contracts to flexible engagement models, from hiring for fixed job descriptions to seeking opportunities of relevance, from a dedicated HR department to participative leadership, from yearly performance reviews to anytime peer to peer feedback, from large disparate groups to closely knit communities — new perspectives are challenging every company to be more open, adopting transparency and empathy across the board, while growing stronger in their values. …

Multisensorial design means designing experiences involving all 5 senses, than just for 1 or 2 senses. “Multisensorial” design practice will shape our approach towards designing user interfaces that give information, receive information and evoke actions from people coming in touch with a human — machine interface.

This is even more relevant for digital interfaces, as most digital experiences today only engage eyes, ears and very few engage gestures or touch. Codewave is one of the companies leading the mindset change in ‘digital design for all ages’, with “multisensorial design” practice at it’s very core. …


Abhijith HK

A guitarist, tech futurist and a believer in endless possibilities. Founder @Codewave - Helping businesses thrive digitally with meaningful digital solutions

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