Working like a craftesman

Most of our work is going to be automated, sad but a fact. With rapid advancement in AIs the day isn't far when we will have our jobs taken away from us. But technology isn't in itself good or bad so we sshouldn't demonize the tech or the people working on it.

And so the question arises

How are we going to survive?
Simple answer, by working like craftsmen.

A craftesman is a person who does his work with expertise, doesn't dabble in a million things. 
And maybe the most crucial of all its not easy repetable or easily duplicated. 
He knows he can increase his skill level by working hard on it and persisting. 
But in our age scattered attention it is no wonder that the ability to pay attention(focus) and the ability to truly immerse yourself in the task at hand is an invaluable asset. 
So here's what I want you to do, approach every task with the same sense of passion that craftsman feels.Take the same pride in your work and everything you do. 
The people at bmw have a weird tradition, they have a metal sheet that has the names of the people who worked on it and the people who make the car have immense pride in having their name on. 

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.