4 “Divine” steps to mental mastery

From Mark Divine — founder of SEALFIT

Yesterday, I covered my first take on this amazing book by former Navy SEAL instructor, Mark Divine — “Unbeatable Mind”, where he talks about Mental Mastery being the first critical step towards any kind of excellence in life

Here’s what I picked up as his simple 4 step formula to get into a “positive focus of mind” or what he calls “Starving the Fear wolf and Feeding the Courage Wolf”

  1. Witness negativity
  2. Interdict, or stop, the negative thoughts with a power statement
  3. Redirect your mind with self-talk and imagery to something positive and productive to your current goal
  4. Maintain your new mental state with a jingle or mantra

An example of a maintenance mantra is something like “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better” coined by the French doctor Émile Coué.

An example that he uses in his class which uses all the above in one statement — “Hooyah team; we got this. Focus on the next round…see it happening…let’s crush this”

I am busy crafting my 4 step strategy to accomplish the above ! Love it :)

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