Acting on your Dharma

or living your Life Purpose / answering your Calling

The question Why is the great qualifier. In a world of so many Whats Whens and Hows, Why allows you to get clarity about the meaning behind any action that you are doing, want to do or did.

Why can shed some light on the surface level and if used with rigour, can illuminate what truly lies beneath that surface. Your true motivations. Your true Purpose. Your real Why.

That Why which answers to your passions, your skills ( learned and yet to learn), your interests and ultimately your calling.

So, what is this calling ? It seems to be unique to you as an individual.

It seems to be your purpose in life, which when once identified, needs to be focused on and pursued by giving your all. It would help you decide and prioritise next steps in life — what to do and more importantly what not to do.

Purpose it also seems does not get manufactured by you. It is discovered. It is there. It is just hidden — maybe in plain sight or maybe sometimes even deeper.

I never made a connection between Individual life purpose and Dharma till I read this from Stephen Cope’s book — “The Great work of your life”

“Here are the central pillars of the path of action — the path of karma yoga — as expounded by Krishna. Here are the keys to Inaction-in-Action:

1. Look to your dharma.

2. Do it full out.

3. Let go of the fruits.

4. Turn it over to God.

First: Discern your dharma. ‘Look to your own duty,’ says Krishna in Chapter Two. ‘Do not tremble before it.’ Discern, name, and then embrace your own dharma.

Then: Do it full out. Knowing your dharma, do it with every fiber of your being. Bring everything you’ve got to it. Commit yourself utterly. In this way you can live an authentically passionate life, and you can transform desire into a bonfire of light.

Next: Let go of the outcome. ‘Relinquish the fruits of your actions,’ says Krishna. Success and failure in the eyes of the world are not your concern. ‘It is better to fail at your own dharma than to succeed at the dharma of someone else,’ he says.

Finally: Turn your actions over to God. ‘Dedicate your actions to me,’ says Krishna. All true vocation arises in the stream of love that flows between the individual soul and the divine soul. All true dharma is a movement of the soul back to its Ground.”

The great work of your life. Stephen Cope

So, discovering ( and more importantly accepting and pursuing) your life purpose seems to be a meta truth across cultures. Neat.

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