Five main qualities of your Strongest Self

A great checklist

Found a super reckoner to ascertain whether you are operating from your strongest self from Neil Fiore’s Awaken your Strongest Self ( curated from Brain Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes)

“Those who awaken their Strongest Self and its higher brain functions exhibit five main qualities:

• Safety within themselves

• Choice of actions that are congruent with their higher values

• Presence in the moment rather than regrets about the past or anticipation of the future

• Focus on what can be done rather than on self-blame for loss or misfortune

• Connection to the deeper resources and support of the larger self that results in ease rather than lonely struggle.”

Awaken your strongest self. Neil Fiore

Loved it and I feel its a great idea to print this out or put on to your smart phone to keep checking on these till these become second nature !