Moving on

Reframing to get over it

Does one have to resolve to move on or can one do so by simply recreating a new reality ? The answer may not be simple as yes or no. A key pillar of NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming)- founded By Richard Bandler and John Grinder is not to dwell in the past but solve for here and now.

They have introduced techniques where they use the way the subconscious mind and simply rearrange the way the memories and assocations are recorded and past painful issues stop having those painful associations anymore ! Sounds like black magic ? I have experienced this myself and a very painful chapter just disappeared. What this means is that when I thought of that incident it did not stir up the painful emotions anymore !

This may be a more drastic measure, but at a more relatable level, when we change our perspective about something was a previous challenge can suddenly be seen as a brilliant opportunity and a new reality can be created.

This does not need an intense intervention and getting both parties to come to some closure. While that may of course help, the fear of getting into that stops us from doing something about it in the first place so many times. So, why not try another way which may be simpler and be as effective ?

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