No man is an island

Ecosystem thinking

Can we really afford to think “Individual”or ‘Independent” when the truth is everything is connected and “Inter-dependent” ?

What is not connected in this world ?

Even the “illusion” of having our “own” bodies might not be as it seems ! Recent scientific explorations have been confiriming that our bodies are us + trillions of micro-organisms or the gut flora/microbiome as it is called. This microbiome comprises a lot of organisms which are actually very good for our bodies and infact some are essential for our life and survival !

So, it makes prudent sense for us to play nice to each other for mutual benefit and survival. Unfortunately, we have not been really doing that and by taking “individual” actions like taking antibiotics which take care of the symptoms, but as a result also end up killing the good bacteria in the process. So, we end up growing up without all the natural support systems in our bodies and then are that much more prone to illnesses and diseases. This is being discovered to be far more serious than previously thought-linking imbalances in our microbiomes to issues like Diabetes to brain centric issues like Alzheimers !

So, to come back to the life we can see and comprehend, it is important to realise that we are not an island and to try and be aware and appreciate in all the ways we are not.

We would not feel as lonely and would share the joys and burdens of life,rather than “slugging it out” alone. Does take the pressure off doesn’t it ?

This takes us back to the other school of thought — both scientific and philosophical- The “I” in our mind is an illusion, conjured up by the brain for better efficiency and managing. If that were so, then maybe we have been taking that “illusion” a little too seriously aren’t we ?

“I as an illusion” maybe too far fetched to swallow, but if you were to entertain it as a tiny possibility, then doesn’t it change the paradigm ? Instead of focusing on protecting it, we can focus on existing harmoniously with the world around us !

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