Planned Discomfort

to create “true” comfort

Who doesn’t want to be comfortable ? But, if we remain in “comfort zone” throughout, we end up becoming complacent and may stop growing in life.

The most diffcult time to think about discomfort is when you are “comfortable”. So, let’s try and define comfort. If we were not to see it as the “lack of discomfort” then, we may unravel different dimensions.

When we plan and schedule discomfort, the more comfortable we get with it. So, comfort can be seen as being unruffled with discomfort when it strikes-because you have trained yourself to do so !

This is what happens in a good physical fitness workout. You plan your discomfort and increasingly get comfortable with it. You amp up the discomfort so you get used to the higher level too and this keeps going on.

If this principle can be used in life, we may reduce the “sudden impact” of discomfort when it strikes and derails us.

So, planning for discomfort does not create a “state” of comfort but a “mindset” which is very “comfortable” with discomfort.

How can you proactively plan for and create a regular cycle of discomfort in your life which keeps amping up progressively ?