Play badly well !

Change the averages to impact the “whole game”

When we think of excellence, we may think of those excellent wins, those magnificent killer shots in a game/sports. The bigger lesson in the “journey of Mastery” goes beyond that.

It involves taking the “whole” to the next level — of course piece by piece, step by step. And that is precisely why every step matters. The game has to be upped not just for your “best shots” but for the worst ones as well. Equal focus and importance needs to given to those other shots to “up the overall game”. This impacts the entire game and most importantly our “mindset”. Very often we may see players get affected when they don’t see too many of the “winning shots”. As a result, they “give up” on the not so excellent shots. That brings down the game and more importantly the mindset.

I relate to this as I know I am guilty of this at many levels. I have always been partial to the “wow moment” forgeting the power of the other “now moments” and as a result, the day suddenly feel so great anymore at the end !

So, my lesson from this ( of course thanks to Shri Brian Johnson as always for culling and spreading the curated nuggets of liveable and actionable wisdom !) is to not let my enthusiasm or focus slip on the other milestones of the day and subsequently life. By bringing more of them to a much higher level, even if they are “lesser” compared to the winning moments, can scale up the “mastery journey” of my life !

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