Scream until you like it !

No. I am not channeling W.A.S.P.

Yes, I used to love Blackie Lawless and the heavy metal group WASP once upon a time ( am sure I still still do !) but this post is not about one of their tracks ( Scream until…)

This track is about one of the past episodes of St. Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service-probably one of the best shows on Beats 1 radio, Apple Music.

For those not aware of the show, Annie Clark, the lead singer of rock band St. Vincent invites people to share their life stories with her. She picks one which interests her and then creates a customised playlist to refllect or inspire that person’s story. She gets the person on radio and asks some amazing questions which reveal insights which helps her choose tracks for the playlist.

As a coach I was super inspired by her questions. They really get the person to think about their own story with new perspective and that’s what reveals the insights.

In one of the episodes, Annie talks about the importance of “letting go” to the participant and uses John Lennon as an example. She talks about Lennon going through Primal Scream therapy and how on his track, “Mother”, he is literally screaming out his anguish, hurt and all other emotions — especially towards the end of the song !!

Phew ! That brought a huge connect for me ( always liked the song but now it has a whole new meaning for me) and I can imagine what it must have done for the other person !

I am really appreciating musical artists who bring their life to the table and I am just blown with Lennon taking care of his anguish through this song. Wow ! Inspires me to do the same in life :-)

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