This is it !

Or is it ? …

There can be peace in acceptance that we have reached the limitations of our potential or life. But is that true peace ? Is that true potential ? Isn’t our species’ very nature all about constantly answering to the call of our potential ?

If we did believe that “this was it” we would have probably still been dwelling in caves and hunting for our next meal.

Carol Dweck ( of the Growth Mindset fame ) says in her book Self Theories (via Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s notes)

“Some people believe that their intelligence is a fixed trait. They have a certain amount of it and that’s that. We call this an ‘entity theory’ of intelligence because intelligence is portrayed as an entity that dwells within us and that we can’t change.

This view has many repercussions for students. It can make students worry about how much of this fixed intelligence they have, and it can make them interested first and foremost in looking and feeling like they have enough. They must look smart and, at all costs, not look dumb. What makes students with an entity theory feel smart? Easy, low-effort successes, and outperforming other students. Effort, difficulty, setbacks, or higher-performing peers call their intelligence into question — even for those who have high confidence in their intelligence.”

— Carol Dweck from Self-theories

Not feeling comfortable. Not at peace. Restless are also crucial traits of our species which should never be shrugged away. Yes, we need to balance them out with harmony and co-existence ( just like the dark and the light side of the Force need to co-exist) as we need to consciously accept the progressive part of our nature too.

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