of the self induced kind

No, this is not about the music nor psychedelic substances. This is about going into “Flow” like Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi described or like Athletes or solidiers describe when they get into the “zone”

Its an amazing mind state where time seems to slow down, you are in total control and essentially you are in your best element.

It could be a presentation that you just killed, a TED talk that became a world sensation or just a one to one chat with your spouse. Wherever we encounter this trance, it is evident that we probably need more of it in our life. It maybe entering without any planning or coaxing -spontaneously.

The point is can we train ourselves to experience more of it ?

We may not be dictate the experience while going through flow, but we can definitely create the conditions for it to occur more regularly and last longer.

How do we do that ?

By deconstructing the experience. By undersanding the triggers which led to it -what made it last and what could hinder it. By connecting the dots between different flow experiences and figuring out the most salient factors.

Once we have a better objective understanding and deconstruction of the above, we can create habits and behaviours which would inevitably lead to flow.

Maybe I have realised that everytime I play a certain kind of music, I start getting a rush of ideas. Then, I should schedule that kind of music into my day to ensure that it becomes routine. I have lately realised that I get a lot of insight while meditating, so having a daily practice makes perfect sense, which I have done.

Earlier, I used to experience the same when I used to go for a run, and would therefore consistency in that.

Experiencing flow is certainly very desirable and fulfiling in life and once ones bites the bullet, I feel there is no going back to “pre-flow” days !

The important thing to remember when you start experiencing flow is to “allow it”. This is when the subconscious mind take over. The conscious mind’s involvement at that time merely spoils it !

Enjoy your trance/flow !

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